Sunday, June 11, 2017

my favourite things/ green granny smith apples

my favourite things

He visited us today

The old woman walked right to us
though her zig zagging gait suggested
she'd had too much to drink
her plastic bottle empty
swaying in her hand
we all gazed at her steadfastness
to join our picnic celebrating

our blankets spread
on the velvety grass
the children celebrating a tenth birthday
fruit trays and veggies
finger food banquet arranged in its fullness

we all held our breaths

she spoke

do you have some water
its my heart
and the water helps



of course we had water

I reached one cool bottle to the children
to pass on to her
almost too eagerly
grateful she did not seek to spoil the children's fun
or take from their "abundance"

what heart is mine
I thought
O Lord, forgive me
I thought
I must give her more

we have so much

she gently folded her hands under her chin
gave Thanks
to the Eternal One
for the water
for us

then walked on

wavering still
but kindly
and with a grace
as she passed by
we could see
in her coat pocket
a perfect specimen
of a green

I smiled thinking
an apple was also good for her heart
and it reminded me of the Garden
the fruit on that tree
and how even there
God's grace found us

I wanted to give her a veggie plate
Shoshanna wanted to give her a strawberry tray
Everyone wanted to give her more

but we each said nothing out loud
about it
we did nothing

we wanted to
she left so quickly

all we did was kindly return the blessing
she so graciously left for us
as she walked on

later the children found her sleeping
not far from us

we are home now
and at the evening table we shared how we all wanted to give more
but she was so content
with the water
and we were frozen in time and could not move
though our hearts wished to

it was just a cup of cold water
tonight after all were settled
I did my last watch of the night

out into the dusk I went
dogs at my side
the goats and horses happy for
the evening meal
new kids put safely away
water taken around

and there arms raised to the Eternal One
with the night sky swathed in softness
He met me and touched me
I communed and rested and prayed
and praised and trusted
and waited
so long
I stood
His breath mine
His healing mine
my heart His to reshape

I turned and there sitting poised and tall behind me was my Willow dog
eyes on me
and more
she had my back
she was so stoicly calm
and still
so close

and I am thinking how sometimes the animals see God and angels more easily than we do

they seem to know if we entertain angels unawares

green granny smith apples
faithful guardian dogs
angels in old women disguise
birthday celebrations
little happy hearts
His Word that reminds us
He is with us

And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’…(Mathew 25:39)

His heart

my favourite things

Sunday, January 17, 2016

my favourite things: a sharing from: Positively Loved and Adored: Today marks 6 months since we arrived back in Cana...

my favourite things ~ seeing the heart of our children

a joy
this growing old
the witnessing
and sharing of days
and moments
in our loved ones lives

a joy
this passing of time
days blended
one into another
little footsteps
men and women
before ones eyes
and all the love
that makes
it possible

entangled in God's grace
His tender mercies

this growing old
this seeing the heart of our children

my favourite things

Here is my Shoshanna's blog post; I hope you enjoy it~ blesses my heart to see their love poured out.
Positively Loved and Adored: Today marks 6 months since we arrived back in Canada...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

my favourite things~ that wet sort of Autumn day

  it is that wet sort of Autumn day
  mist shrouded
  yet lovely
  the feeling of a warm wet towel after a sunny day at the river
  this chinook 
  in October
  the wind stilled
  for a moment
  then a twirlywind catching the raised branches
  of the Cottonwood
  and the children leaping
  and dancing
  to catch the swirling up and down of the coloured leaves
  my dream of little feet and laughter satisfied
  by my waking
  and finding them
  all here
  my favourite things

(photo:Bob Kimball~ the maple tree)

Shoshanna's birthday on the 1st
Stephen's on the 9th
my mama Jessie's on the 10th
God's many blessings
my favourite things

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

my favourite things/my Eduardo

what is it that speaks
to the heart
that voice without words
that moves us
when words cannot

what is this feeling
of up and down
but has no touch
just feeds on emotion
and not always on a truth

let us hear always the True One

faith says we are His
so we need never feel alone
His Word says we are
the sweet savour of God
we do not need to be more
or different from what we are

He is enough
His grace is sufficient
His love is abounding
His joy is strength
He has taken all that is wrong
and gives what is pure
and honourable
and just...
He is all we need
He is enough
my Eduardo... sixty-three today
I love watching the morning light on you each dawn as I awaken before you
I love to trace the shadows and light along your face
I love to hear your soft short breaths... quiet and rested
your days are busy
often rushed
these morning moments watching you and listening
help me savour you through the day
I pray a year of quiet joy and peace in your heart
no matter the busyness around you
I pray laughter for medicine
I pray you will know how much you are loved
I love you
your kids love you
with Jesus love
your cup is overflowing
enjoy this cup of grace
it is enough
my beloved
my favourite things

Monday, November 3, 2014

my favourite things/ building with family

two summers
a son home
and friends come to help
all from the heart~ true family

a daughter and her family
home for a season to milk
and hide love gifts of
tasks done with heart
to bless me and others
while I visit far and distant Afrika

to have two summers
with our little boy all grown

he used to play in the sawdust
building booby traps for his sisters
holes with wood stick rooves
all covered again
with sawdust
also with laughter

and now again building
a home for a sister
and her kiddies

from the bottom up
all the little boy genius
making a real home
taking trees from our land
milling it
shaping it
from the bottom up
a fine home
a labour of skill and love

I miss the people that filter by all summer
I miss the summer and its warmth and dryness
long days short nights
work hard play hard
Willow River raft rides
with Neumanns
with Dad
hot days left refreshed
fresh garden
horses and goats around about us
grazing lazing
geese and hummingbirds
ducks woodpeckers
and always the sparrow

and always His eye on us
pouring out His blessing
day by day
at the right time
the right moment

the little boy all grown
an engineer now
new horizons new visions
us alone
still day by day remembering
love's labour
and carrying on
piece by piece
little by litte
this Home love is building
with God's strength
His joy
His help

A little Afrikan family
is coming Home one day

we want to be ready

my Shoshi
four precious grandkiddies
new visions
little feet running to and fro
smiling ones
a desire satisfied
from our hearts
and God's

God gives good gifts to His children
all these memories
building with family 

my favourite things

Monday, August 4, 2014

my favourite things/ to be so loved

I settled in my kids

the boys in their pasture
little girls in theirs
milkers with hay feeders full in theirs

off I went to teach
some little people "kids"
how to swim

natural fish they were

and loved

their wonderful Grandma giving all she is
to fill and make their lives full
it isn't hard for her to give
but comes with tiredness
and grey hairs
and smiles

It was after that I saw him

I looked down the stairs on my way out
He sat with blood dripping
down his legs
his face

He held cloths on his face
pressed tightly
still blood dripping

the lifeguards
were the first aid people
they donned blue gloves
opened first aid kits
knelt before him

he began sobbing

I can help I said
they said no
they had it covered

they only saw his wounds
I saw something more

I came close to him
the guards held up their hands and said no

but he said
let her

he had been sobbing that no one cared
that he had no one that loved him
that yesterday he tried to put a noose around his neck

still they saw only his wounds
his face swollen
God showed me his broken heart

I heard the calling out in his voice
I said there is one who cares
He made you and loves you
you are young and strong
He has a plan for you
to do good

He loves you

Can I pray for you
I asked

I am religious
he said

please pray
he said

his sobbing stopped
his breathing settled
his faith returned

they said they would care for him

he was hungry
they said after they patched him up
they would feed him

my name is Elijah he said

a strong name
my prayer and tears lifted for him

I wondered if there was ever someone who cared for him
like my grandson has
he rests between his parents' hearts
when teething hurts
he knows who cares for him

a strong name

I wonder if he has siblings
to laugh and play with
like my Shoshi's  have

and a grandma who thinks the world of the five

Father God
hold this broken Elijah
in your kind hands
and make him strong in You
that he would know
what it is
to be so loved

my favourite things

Saturday, June 7, 2014

my favourite things/ our littlest man

you were loved long before

you were yearned for long before

you were imagined
years ago
decades ago
a half a century and maybe more before

I remember playing barbies
at six
with Carolee
on her stairs
in her room

always it was real
and we had children
and grandkids
and it was all about what we would name them
and how we would live

and now
here you are

precious one

loved upon long before
you came to us

Each time
my photo of the day arrives
my heart does this little leap

you see
precious one
I saw you in my heart of hearts
long ago
and your mom
and your dad
and brothers and sisters
and me

loving you
as always I have
and always I will

It has nothing to do
with what you do
It has everything to do
with just you

our littlest man

my favourite things

Psalm 139